Here’s what some other business owners say about Ro

“It’s hard not to improve things when Ro’s involved. She has insatiable knowledge, energy and passion to find the perfect solution. Ro worked with us to develop the ultimate recruitment and induction process. It was a challenging brief. We wanted to recruit the best. Bright, talented individuals, the type that bring their personalities to work and make a real difference to the business and those of us already working in it. At the same time we wanted to create a recognised process, one that would be both challenging and rewarding. Twelve months down the line, the news couldn’t be better. We’ve found and recruited 11 superstars, whom, after their loving induction are now immersed in the culture, working together with the stars already here, strengthening our offer to clients and making this business great. Thanks Ro!” James Parsons, Managing Director, SAS

“Ro helped us develop an effective and most importantly pragmatic approach to talent management in a creative agency – a quite challenging environment for these processes! She’s flexible, adaptable, challenging in all the right ways and has a great sense of humour. And as an author she’s written a great book – ARE THEY ON THE RIGHT BUS.” Kevin Keohane, Talent Engagement, formerly SAS London http://www.saslondon.com/

“Change is never easy for an organisation, but with the help of Ro, we’ve successfully sailed through some scary waters and not only survived, but emerged a better and stronger business, ready to face whatever the future holds for us. We have a new structure and new people leading the organisation as well as an appraisal programme which captures what we need to measure their performance to ensure they are able to make a positive difference to the business. We have a team of people leading and coaching others who have been inspired by Ro to take a positive, can do attitude.” Claire Owen, Leader of Vision & Values, The Stopgap Group http://www.stopgap.com.au/

About Ro Gorell

Grow Talent Ro was created by Ro Gorell.   Ro is a qualified coach and MSP® Practitioner.  Following a successful corporate career first of all in Human Resources and then Business Improvement, Ro developed her first business Ascent2Change Ltd in the UK. She has co-authored two books: “50 Top Tools for Coaching”, one of Kogan Page’s top 10 coaching books and “Creating a Coaching Culture” and is the author of two further books, “Are They On the Right Bus? The 55-Minute Guide to Talent Management” and “Group Coaching”.

Having migrated to Perth, Western Australia in August 2012 Ro decided to channel her energies into what she does best: improve performance by linking business to people through strategy.

Create a climate of coaching because all people and systems are dynamic – change is the only constant

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