Latest Book How to Create a Coaching Culture

“An excellent overview and resource book for HR and L&D executives to create the elusive coaching culture and to build the coaching capability within their organizations” Peter Welch, executive coach and board member of the Association of Coaching Supervisors

“This book is very relevant and timely for the coaching market place. More and more organizations are struggling with how to create the right coaching culture and this book provides comprehensive guidance as well as practical tools, models and checklists. As specialists in their fields, Gillian and Ro bring their valuable insights and experience to life for organizations and coaches through their integrated presentation of case studies and reflection points” Alex Szabo, COO, Association for Coaching

How to Create a Coaching Culture is a practical and thought-provoking guide to developing a coaching culture in your organization. It explores how to empower your workforce to achieve higher performance and better business results. Specifically tailored to practitioner needs, it offers an overview of how to

link coaching practice to culture and align clearly with organizational and HR strategy and objectives using a combination of practical tools, assessments, scenarios and best practice case studies. This invaluable and comprehensive handbook will equip you to review where your organization currently is, plan your strategy, pitch it to your key stakeholders, and build a vision covering every stage of the employee lifecycle. It also offers a useful framework for evaluating the benefits of coaching and measuring the return on investment in any type of organization. It is the ideal companion for Employee Engagement, also published in the Kogan Page, HR Fundamentals series.  (

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Group Coaching

” A fresh, well considered, and practical guide for those considering harnessing group coaching as a talent development tool.” Sharon Hitch, Talent Management Association.

Group Coaching is everything you need to run successful coaching sessions effectively. Based on over 20 years of HR, consulting and practical coaching experience, this book offers tools, tips, ideas, different perspectives and easy-to-use templates.

It will cover:

  • Preparing for group work
  • Benefits and challenges for clients, coaches and coachees
  • Developing a client-centred approach
  • Understanding group coaching process from the perspective of the coach and group
  • Sample coaching blueprints with guidance to develop your own contracting, ground rules and closure
  • Finding the right tools for your coaching interventions
  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Creative group coaching
  • Measurement

Group coaching on its own is a powerful tool and when linked to your talent strategy becomes the means to optimize collective talent in any organization.

Published by Kogan Page

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50 Top Tools For Coaching 2nd Edition

”It’s great to get different perspectives on coaching. Very often we get stuck in a groove with our clients, so having 50 different ways to shift our thinking can transform situations” Kate Burton, professional coach and best-selling co-author ofNeuro-Linguistic Programming for Dummies

“I love the fact that I can either dip in to find a suitable tool for a given coaching scenario OR have the option to create a whole coaching process” Carolyn Trafford, Reflections Coaching. As a coach you need to know how to get the best from people, how to ask insightful questions, and how much support versus challenge you should provide. Most importantly, you need to understand how to enable clients to realize their potential and perform to the best of their abilities.

50 Top Tools for Coaching, now in its second edition, is a complete toolkit for every coach offering a broad range of powerful tools and techniques that can be easily applied to a variety of situations. Learn how to assess the needs of your clients, select the right tools to use and deliver coaching with confidence.

It covers all key areas you need including:

  • Setting up and managing the coaching relationship
  • Understanding and resolving problems and conflict
  • Increasing confidence and enhancing performance
  • Communicating and influence
  • Developing a leadership style

Published by Kogan Page

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Are They On The Right Bus: The 55-Minute Guide to Talent Management

”Full of thought-provoking perspectives and valuable tips” IdaPraestgaard, TopDanmark

“There’s never been a better time to read this book” Sarah Cooper, McGinnis Loy

“Stylish, fluent and engaging” Jane Emmanuel, Penna

“Insightful and powerfully argued” Tony Manwaring, Tomorrow’s Company

It’s no accident that latent is an anagram of talent; and yet blinkered thinking about the war for talent has driven many organizations to focus their efforts on a tiny proportion of the workforce. Inspired by biz book classic, Good to Greatby Jim Collins, Ro Gorell lifts the lid on what talent management is really about – not only demonstrating why it starts with getting the right people on the bus in the first place, but also providing ten simple principles for how to nurture and sustain the talent that exists, untapped, at every level in your organization. The simple truth is that talent management is far too important to be left to HR alone. It’s a board-level issue – one that business leaders need to understand and act on strategically in order to successfully leverage this increasingly critical source of innovation and value creation.

Published by Verb Publishing


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