Group Coaching

How coaching people in groups creates solutions focus

February 1, 2016 By Ro Gorell

Coping with change as an essential differentiator Optimising talent in turbulent economic times and coping with change is not just the norm but an essential differentiator for smart organisations that focus on radical solutions. There has been much research on employee engagement. None of it provides happy reading and depending on which source you refer to the percentage of neutral or disaffected employees settles around the 47% mark. In other words, at any one time you can expect about half of your employees not to be actively engaged in their work. This means le

The 3 dilemmas of coaching people in groups

November 5, 2014 By Ro Gorell

Getting the biggest bang for your buck Many organisations are becoming savvy buyers of coaching services and focus on where they can derive the biggest bang for their buck. Group or team based coaching is driven out of this need to develop cost effective ways of coaching people. The underlying theme is about helping people cope with and become adaptable to fast moving change so that the business can grow, become more efficient and agile. Productivity is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ it is a fact of life for business survival. For the coach who has been practising i