Talent Management

Everyone wants to feel valued at work

December 11, 2014 By Ro Gorell

We measure our self-worth by how much we get paid  - 'People go to work for money and feeling valued is often about financial reward.'   A point of view shared by Lucie Carrington, writing in The Sunday Telegraph's supplement on Employee Engagement in 2011. True, to a certain extent. BUT we also have a need for recognition for who we are e.g. our personal qualities and what difference we make - which isn't usually about money. At the time the UK was experiencing a slight up-turn in the economy, and  businesses were starting to pay bonuses again which, according t

Two simple yet overlooked rules about employee engagement

December 11, 2014 By Ro Gorell

Falling at the first hurdle of the employee engagement conundrum Here's a real story about a real person to illustrate what can happen. A friend of the family applied for another job and was really excited when they received their job offer. Like any sensible employee they waited until it was all confirmed in writing before handing in their notice. They were getting excited about starting their new job and made plans for the transition during their notice period . Just before the end of their notice period the new employer contacted them to say that they were no