What if you were to revolutionise the way you think about change?

October 1, 2015 By Ro Gorell

Are you following a standard change management approach?

How's that working for you?

There are many models and methodologies of how to manage change.  Each proclaims success by following a step-by-step approach and applying broad principles of change.

As we know, change is personal and deeply complex, therefore, simply following a step-by-step approach won't guarantee results.  And yet, many of the methodologies and models in popular use, (PROSCI, Kotter, Kurt Lewin et al.) work on the assumption that all organisations behave in the same way.  Moreover, they provide a comfort factor - that you can control the outcome of change.

When it comes to managing change knowing theories, models and methodologies can definitely help.  For example, PROSCI's ADKAR model emphasises the pivotal role of stakeholders whilst Kurt Lewin's model recognises that you have to shake things up (unfreeze) before you can move on.  Kotter's model illustrates how a vision provides impetus for movement.   Taken together, these models and methodologies provide a rich resource pool for any change agent seeking mastery.  

Mastering change is much more than applying a model or methodology

Judgement is everything when it comes to mastering change.  Curating knowledge and developing know-how are part of the process of configuring a method that works for your organisation.  Application, as they say, is everything.  Being able to apply what you know in an authentic and congruent way is where you make the difference.

What if you were to revolutionise the way you think about change?  You don't need to know how to manage generic change - you only need to know how to manage change in your  organisation. 

Free yourself up to choose the best from the smorgasbord of change models and methodologies.  Revolutionise change itself by co-creating approaches that resonate and work in your organisation.


2 thoughts on “What if you were to revolutionise the way you think about change?”

  1. Spot On Ro! No two people are the same, no two bodies, no two organ-isations so applying a pre-defined step by step approach can’t guarantee results. It’s essential to take cultural practice into account. I encourage clients to listen to their bodies. I guess the corporate equivalent is to tune in closely to what’s happening among the rank and file and to support their attempts to bring about the change the organisation needs.

    1. Yes, exactly Paul, tune into the organisation. Each is different and it pays to be mindful about what you are doing rather than just following a process. Good to hear from you!

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